Corpora and Discourse International Conference 2020 17-19 Juni

Diesmal digital: Vom 17.-19. Juni findet die Corpora and Discourse Conference 2020 statt. Nicht an der University of Sussex, wie vorgesehen, sondern digital.

Corpora and Discourse International Conference showcases research which combine corpus linguistics and discourse analysis in all forms and under all names. This might include work that self-describes as: corpus-assisted discourse studies, corpus-based (critical) discourse studies, corpus-based sociolinguistics, corpus-driven discourse studies, corpus pragmatics, corpus stylistics, corpus-informed discourse studies or corpus & discourse work that does not go under any particular label. Our aim is simply to bring together all researchers who are interested in how discourse/s are structured, patterned or received and who use corpus linguistics in their work.

Zur Tagung geht es hier: