Season’s Greetings from Discourse Lab

The festive season is a time of storytelling, sharing experiences, and building connections – all elements at the heart of discourse linguistics 🙂 This year, we have looked into fervent negotiations of expertise, examined moral judgements in the health domain, dissected controversial discourses and smirked as our colleagues confronted the limitations of talking to cat robots. Time to celebrate the power of words to create understanding!

We thank all readers and members of the DL community for their continued support, enthusiasm and valuable insights. Together, we look forward to greeting 2024 with exciting collaborations spanning disciplines such as biology, politics, linguistics, sociology and philosophy, to uncover linguistic ressources in corpus building projects and to fostering understanding of the controversial discourses of our time. Stay tuned for updates from DL research, calls, job opportunities and more.

Happy Holidays and an Inspiring New Year!

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